serv traduccion comercial

Business Translations

If you need your website, advertising material, manuals, or any other kind of business document translating, you have come to the right agency. For a business translation to be of good quality, the text has to read naturally while at the same time being faithful to the original text, so that the product or service attracts the target client.


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serv traduccion jurada

Sworn Translations

We can offer you the services of Official Sworn Translators. Sworn Translations include the official signature and seal of a Sworn Translator or Interpreter who is authorized, appointed and registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.


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serv correccion textos

Technical Translations

Technical translation is the translation of technical writing (owner's manuals, user guides, technical instructions, etc.) which contain a large amount of specialized technology. All our translators work into their native language and are specialized in different technical fields.


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serv interpretes


The team of professional interpreters at Marbella Translators will help with your negotiations, seminars, professional presentations, business lunches, or community meetings. We also have all the necessary technical equipment at our disposal for booth translation.


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serv corrector ortografico

Proof Readers

Put your texts in the hands of our Professional Proof Readers. All of them are members of the Spanish Proof Readers Union (UNICO) and boast extensive professional experience. Writing is also an art which not everybody masters, so allow us to help you.


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serv chofer

Chauffeur Service

Marbella Translators also offers you a car hire service with chauffeur. This service is ideal for those who come to visit Malaga either for business or pleasure. Our chauffeurs have passed a rigorous selection process and are extremely well prepared to accompany you as you move around. We also have at our disposal chauffeurs who speak English.


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MARBELLA TRANSLATORS is a company made up of a group of translators and interpreters who are passionate about our work. The quality of our translations and the speed of our service are the main pillars on which our company is built.

All or our translators have the necessary official qualifications, as well as proven professional experience, in accordance with the European Standard (UNE-EN-15038). We are also native speakers of the language we translate into, which guarantees the quality of our work.

Our Project Manager is Bárbara García Fehse, professional member of ASETRAD (Spanish Association of Translators, Proof Readers and Interpreters), who has more than 15 years' extensive professional experience in Translation and Interpreting as well as Team Management.





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