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Put your texts in the hands of our Professional Proof Readers. All of them
are members of the Spanish Proof Readers Union (UNICO) and boast extensive professional experience. Writing is also an art which not everybody masters, so allow us to help you. We will make sure the final version is of the highest standard.

Typographical correction is the revision of spelling mistakes as well as the typography of a text. The proof reader detects and corrects spelling mistakes, checks for correct use of punctuation and accents and looks for possible transpositions or missing characters. In addition, checks are made on appropriate use and coherence of quotation marks, capitals, italics, abbreviations and all other orthographic symbols, as well as correction of syntax errors when they arise.

Revision of style is a revision which deals with the syntax, grammar and how expressive the text is, with the aim of polishing the text and optimizing its potential. It deals with those details which are not errors from a rule-based point of view, but which would have a detrimental effect on the style and are usually difficult for the source text author to spot.

The clients who work with us and the positive feedback we receive from them are a guarantee of the quality of our work. Contact us to ask for a free quotation.

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MARBELLA TRANSLATORS is a Professional Member of ASETRAD,
Spanish Association of Translators, Copy Editors and Interpreters