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The team of professional interpreters at Marbella Translators will help with your negotiations, seminars, professional presentations, business lunches, or community meetings. We also have all the necessary technical equipment at our disposal for booth translation.

We are specialists in all fields of interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter sits next to the speaker, takes notes during the speech, and then reproduces those exact words immediately after during the speaker’s natural pauses.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter orally translates the interventions of several people involved in a conversation in two different languages.

Sworn interpreting

Sworn interpreting is the official oral translation performed by a Sworn Translator and Interpreter appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The interpreted text has the same legal validity as the original discourse and is used in the legal and judicial sector.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is performed in real time, parallel to the speech. In this mode of interpreting, it is necessary to use certain technology such as a booth, audio equipment and receivers for the public.

Marbella Translators has at its disposal not only interpreters, but also the whole equipment installation service and technical support team. See our prices for booth and equipment rental.

The clients who work with us and the positive feedback we receive from them are a guarantee of the quality of our work. Contact us to ask for a free quotation.

Marbella Translators

25 languages in just one office

MARBELLA TRANSLATORS is a Professional Member of ASETRAD,
Spanish Association of Translators, Copy Editors and Interpreters