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Traducciones juradas

Sworn Translations

We can offer you the services of Official Sworn Translators.
Sworn Translations include the official signature and seal of a Sworn Translator or Interpreter who is authorized, appointed and registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Our Sworn Translator service is at your disposal in all languages. We guarantee speed and professionalism.
Send us a copy of your documents and we will send you a personalized quotation, with no obligations attached. The original sworn translation, stamped and signed, will be sent to you through our courier service to wherever you are in the world.

The clients who work with us and the positive feedback we receive from them are a guarantee of the quality of our work. Contact us to ask for a free quotation.

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MARBELLA TRANSLATORS is a Professional Member of ASETRAD,
Spanish Association of Translators, Copy Editors and Interpreters