RTVE Marbella Primera Edición

Live interview 05.05.2021 - How the pandemic has affected the world of translation. Machine translation versus human translation.

RTV Marbella Primera Edición with Roberto Caballero

Live interview 15.12.2020 - Translation is the transmission of an entire culture



Interview 10.11.2020 Cope Marbella

entrevista cope marbella

"La Ventana del Empresario" with Bárbara García from Marbella Translators.

Interview in English on RTV Marbella with Nicole King, 20.10.2020.

Translation and Interpreting in times of COVID 19.



Interpreting for Robert De Niro - Opening of NOBU Marbella

Consecutive interpreting at the press conference for the opening of the Hotel NOBU in Marbella. At the end of the interview, Robert De Niro made a point of congratulating our interpreter on an excellent job.

Interview on RTV Marbella on the Eva Villén programme, Marbella Trendy

An interview with our Project Manager by Eva Villén for her Marbella Trendy programme on RTV Marbella talking about the past, present and future of Marbella Translators.



Interpreting at the Keller Williams Congress

Consecutive interpreting at the FAMILY REUNION Congress held by Keller Williams in Marbella in 2017. FAMILY REUNION  is the Annual Congress held by the Keller Williams Family. It is held every year in every country. The World Congress is held every February in the USA. In 2018, more than 18,000 people attended the event in Los Angeles.

Interview on RTV Marbella in the Primera Plana programme with Roberto Caballero.

Live interview on the Primera Plana programme, talking about our origins, anecdotes related to translation, and our hopes for the future.




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