What is proofreading?


Marbella Translators boasts a professional proofreading team who can help to improve the quality of your texts.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading consists in overseeing and correcting any possible typographical errors in a text.

Official proofreaders perform this work completely manually, without the use of computer software or automatic correctors. Any corrections made in Spanish are based on the RAE guidelines that are updated every year.

Steps to follow to edit and proofread correctly

First, we perform a general overview of the text, so it is necessary to see at least a part or chapter of it. We can then define all the important features, such as the kind of text, its format, readability, length and the number of words. In other words, we follow established proofreading guidelines step by step.

After analysing the text, we prepare a quote for the work taking into consideration the length of time required, and an estimated delivery time.

What is style editing?

In addition to proofreading, another service on offer is style editing.

The first thing that the editor analyses is the purpose the text serves. There is a big difference between a marketing text written to sell a product and a novel or story book for children.

We assess whether the vocabulary used is suitable, and find alternatives for improper words, pet phrases, catch-alls or even old-fashioned language when they are not appropriate. We check the order in which the information is presented, if something is missing or surplus to requirements, so that the reader has everything they need to understand, enjoy and take advantage of what we want to say. We summarize to eliminate unnecessary text, make the register suitable for potential readers and bring together different styles that may appear in the text.

It is common to combine both editing and proofreading so that a text is impeccable and meets all of the author’s expectations, and does not contain any lexical or grammatical errors.

Marbella Translators can help you

At Marbella Translators, we do not only work with professional Spanish proofreaders and editors, but we also offer the proofreading and translation of sales and legal texts in any language. We are proud to have carried out the editing and proofreading of a vast number of manuals and presentations for companies, not to mention several published novels and children’s stories.

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