How to choose a professional translator

Como elegir a un traductor profesional

Translation is a job that calls for in-depth knowledge, not only of the language, but also the culture.

Advice for choosing a professional translator.

Our first tip for choosing a professional translator is that they translate into their native language and, whenever possible, that they live in their home country. Knowledge of how the language is evolving and of the country’s culture is essential for a professional translator.

What is also vitally important is that the translator has specialized knowledge of the subject matter as no translator is able to translate all kinds of texts.

A sworn translator is not the same as one that translates specialized texts on topics such as medicine or gastronomy.

It is also necessary to take into account our translator’s professional qualifications. Merely speaking the language is not enough. The translator we choose must have the appropriate skills and qualifications in addition to proven professional experience, as required by European regulations.

Time is an important factor that can backfire on us if we do not take into consideration the number of words that a professional translator can translate per day. If the project calls for the translation of a large volume of words within a short time frame, creating a translation team is a suitable option.

Entrust the translation to a professional translation agency

In this case, our advice would be to entrust the work to a translation agency that will create and coordinate the team of translators.

After choosing the right translator, it is very important to respect their translation rate. Selecting a translator merely because they charge cheap rates is a big mistake that you will usually pay dearly for. Professional translators work tirelessly and know the market rates, so it is important for clients to trust them. Companies offering translation services at low prices in order to attract clients, without clarifying that the work will not be completed by experienced professionals, are undermining the work of each and every professional in the sector.

We are doing ourselves a disservice if we put price before quality, and this is a practice not to be encouraged.

Lastly, it is also crucial when choosing a good translator that fluid communication exists.

It is essential that the person or company replies quickly, understands your needs, solves your queries and manages your project efficiently, resulting in you repeating the experience.

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